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I asked [livejournal.com profile] brittyone for a set of interview questions/meme, so....

Comment to this entry with 'DON'T PROCRASTINATE SO MUCH' and I'll ask you five questions, then you make a post answering them with this bit over them or a phrase of your choice. (And yes, I need to stop procrastinating.)

1) What was the first fandom you got involved in?

Starman (1986 American TV series). Back in 1987, when I discovered via newspapers (this Internet thing was not big quite yet then) that there was a group protesting the cancellation of the series. I got involved with it; I'm still at the edges 22 years later.

2) How'd you get into RP-ing?

I somehow found an ad for an email Earth Final Conflict-based RP a few years ago. I think most/all of us played OCs; mine was a character named Rosemary Schultz. She is, incidentally, the "Rose" in Estirose; I needed a nick then and there, and that's when I got Estirose.

I found my first multifandom years later (thanks to Chele), and the rest is history.

3) What's a story you're proud of?

Oh. My. Well, to this day, I think my favorite is actually a pair of fics in the Tomorrow People fandom called "Telepathic Ghosts" and "Mistakes". Two different stories, two POVs, same set of events. I love a lot of stories, but when I look back, those are the first ones I name.

4) Favorite character to write about as of now?

That's difficult. But I'd say for the moment it's KR Double's Philip. Which is good, because I apparently need to write more Double fic.

5) What's your favorite KR?

Right now, it's Kiva; before that it was Den-O. Before that, it was Blade, which still holds a special place in my heart. Blade still has the best bad guys of all time.
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