Seeing a picture of a local cup stacking event mentioned on a Japanese news site.

I have no clue why they're covering it. I could see why my local paper covered it, but not something in Japan. And the only reason I know what's going on is because of the picture. I think 大会 is championship ("big meet"?) since it's prefaced by "world" (sekai, 世界), and that it's in April of this year, but that's about it.

(Yeah, I learned how to search Japanese news. For my hometown. Too bad most of it's about our basketball team.)
I've had a bad evening, but thanks to peeking in my logs, I've had a nice, mystifying, and ultimately funny couple of minutes.

And it's all thanks to Google translate.

Apparently, somebody in Japan was searching for "Yaguruma" and "Kageyama" and somehow ended up clicking on a link to part of "Discovering the Sun". Don't ask me why they were using Romanji instead of Kanji. Don't ask me why they clicked on an English-language fanfic. Somebody in Japan is no doubt terribly confused right now.

What's funny was that when I pasted the link to find out what the person was doing (using google translation is one way of getting around censorware), I got to see that particular entry in Japanese, or at least Google's idea of English-Japnese translation. Apparently, the translator had a few problems: I am now the author of a fanfic called "Sunday's Discovery" (日曜日の発見, for those who can see kanji). Heaven knows what it did to the other ~2000 words, I didn't dare look.

So, yeah, I'm amused.

Edit: That's a no, not a wo. Vague guess at translation corrected.
I sometimes get annoyed by kanji )
I finally got myself a scanner a few weeks ago. I just got around to plugging the silly thing in.




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