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As people know, I play in CFUD. I am currently down to 1 character, Suzuki Mio from Kamen Rider Kiva.

Here's some other folks I would like to see in CFUD:

* For Kiva: Not very many characters left, but we are still missing a Yuri, as well as all the arms monsters (Jiro, Riki, and Ramon, and someone please please app Ramon! Do better than I did!), Kivat III(recently dropped), King, Bishop, and Shima. Heck, Kivat II as well.

* For Kamen Rider Blade: The whole cast! I'd app Nozomi if I could handle another character and I knew she had enough canon. Or Mutsuki.

* Kamen Rider Faiz: We just lost our Kiba and Kaidou, and while I'd love to have Osada, can't cover another character right now. Heck, we could use a Kusaka.

* Shinkenger: I had to drop Kotoha (awww) but I'd really love to see anyone from here.

* Same for Dekaranger or Abaranger. Nakadai Mikoto can endlessly amuse himself. And I'd love to see a Sen-chan.

* Power Rangers Time Force: I'd so love to have anyone from this series.

* Ditto for Power Rangers Dino Thunder or Ninja Storm.

* It would be interesting to have some Tomorrow People in camp.

* Starman. I'm afraid it would be too obscure, but I'd love to have someone from there.

* Ouran High School Host Club: We just lost our Tamaki (again) and we need a Haruhi.

* Mei-chan: Oh, we so need a new Mei, Kento, and Rihito. *dreamy sigh*

So, now that I've made my wishlist, here is the lowdown about CFUD:
* It's a multi-fandom RP set at a summer camp in a Louisiana swamp. Death can and does occur here; but people come back to life.
* You have to apply; applications are voted on anonymously during a set application period.
* You have to make 40 responses a month.
* It is very active, but there are a ton of people to help you out. Toku folks especially! You want to apply, ask for help and you'll get far more than you ever need.
* People do play multiple characters there. I had three before I dropped to one, but there's some pressure to app more.
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