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Aug. 10th, 2015 08:21 pm
I write a lot of fic and make a lot of icons. I am also really, really bad at tagging. Things do eventually get tagged, it just takes a while. If you can't find it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, really.
I've been long wanting to split from LJ; I just could never force myself to do it. This is the first step towards doing so.

I do have various and sundry journals (mostly RP) scattered over LJ. For the most part, they are dead and not moving. For example, [livejournal.com profile] osoruosoruosoru (The CFUD Mio Journal) is not moving; I rather need it to play in CFUD.

The two journals going inactive on LJ are this one ([livejournal.com profile] estirose) and estorise ([livejournal.com profile] estorise. After remembering to post the tail end of my 2009 nanonovel (oops), esti_rise is going too. That being said, I'm still very fond of the friends I've made on LJ and it's not impossible that you'll see estirose popping up on your my guests feature.

If you are looking for content for these two journals, you can friend estirose on dreamwidth, and Estilog on my own site. (You can subscribe to the feed at [livejournal.com profile] estilog.)
So, one last post before I move to Dreamwidth/blog. I'm mostly doing this because I started Yuletide on this journal, and I felt I should do my reveal here.

First of all, thank you to henshin and zenfu for my lovely Yuletide gift fics! I loved them both.

I wrote five fics in five fandoms for five recipients. They were Never Give Up (Mei-chan no Shitsuji), which was my assignment, and the gift fics Closer Ties (Kamen Rider Den-O), Loki and the Cup of Jonar (Norse Mythology), For All The Flaws (Earth: Final Conflict), and A Most Content Husband (Gokusen). I enjoyed writing every single one of them. I put a few thoughts about these fics here on the new blog.

ETA: I volunteered to beta a fic at the last minute on the #yuletide IRC channel, and it turned out pretty darn good (not that it needed a whole lot of help). It's Set (Me&You) = The Result of (Try (Get Things Right)), a TRON fic featuring Flynn/Alan.
I'm thinking seriously of not posting to LJ, for at least the fandom stuff. I'm going to Dreamwidth, and also setting up a wordpress blog on an Estirose subdomain.

If I have you friended on LJ but not DW and you're on that service, please let me know your DW username.
Last Day of Work is tremendously cool with people writing fanfic about their games. Virtual Villagers 3 is about the members of an overburdened tribe who strike out to find a new home, and they do, in a ruined city.

Fic about a small tribe of villagers )
First of all, I got a lovely little Kamen Rider Kiva fic for Yuletide. It's Taiga/Wataru, just as I requested! (Writer, if you are reading this, thank you.)

Family Relations: Taiga, Wataru, Nago, and Megumi have Christmas dinner. Megumi points out something obvious.

I'll get to reccing when I get a chance.

And because I stumbled across this and couldn't resist:

I think I have finished writing for Yuletide this year. *kerflop*

Five stories, five fandoms, five recipients. Whew!

This year was a bit challenging Yuletide-wise, as I decided for no good reason to write a different format for one fic, other than it sounded best. Hopefully that particular treat's recipient likes it and does not decide to throw bricks at me. :)

Of the five fics, four were in fandoms I'd written before and the fifth was a fandom of happy memories. Two were over 1000 words, two were between 500 and 1000, and one was below 500. Two were het, two were gen, and one was other. In all, I'm happy, and if my recipients run across this at some point, I just wanted to say I loved all your prompts.

Now to non-Yuletide fics.
And I'm in need of inspiration again.

Fic requests? )
I am in need of proofreaders/editors for my last three years' worth of NaNo novels, with varying degrees of urgency. I can pay a small amount/do paid time/etc.

Details )
I hit 50,000! Yay!


I actually hit it at lunch today, but Google Docs and my work computer didn't want to cooperate really well.

I'm thinking of making a small Taiga/Wataru archive. I have no clue what software I'll be using (Ghostly uses Wordpress and the other archives use efiction). I just want to collect it off of LJ.

I think I'm nuts. Moreso than usual.

...anyone else interested?

(ETA: Maybe not?)
"Hello, Erin," Dr. Jackson said, voice sounding a little strained. "Our... friends didn't take well to your disappearance. Urk. Please assure Lyltae that you're fine."

Yeah, one of my characters is a bit upset....
I asked [livejournal.com profile] brittyone for a set of interview questions/meme, so....

Comment to this entry with 'DON'T PROCRASTINATE SO MUCH' and I'll ask you five questions, then you make a post answering them with this bit over them or a phrase of your choice. (And yes, I need to stop procrastinating.)

Questions and answers )
RP stuff. Probably not very interesting unless you like seeing me fret.

Ruminations )
I requested 4 and offered 10. Of the 10, I can guarantee I will not be writing 2, one because it was the fandom where I was the only requester, and the second had no requests.

Of the fandoms, I've written in 7/10 in this journal, 6/10 are Japanese-language. Of the fandoms I offered, 8 were primarily tv, 1 was book, 1 was a manga. 3 of them were for series introduced via CFUD.

I have the greatest odds of getting 2 Japanese series. I have the least odds of getting the book series.

My prediction: I will get the book series. I have only one character offered-to-write, but I know one of the DYW letters has that character requested, so.

*Goes off to reread book*
How much of my flist is doing NaNoWriMo?
How many of you are doing Yuletide?
I don't know if this is going to be a regular thing or not. I'm using the random fics thing on Ghostly to choose 5 fics to spotlight.

Cutting for those not interested )
I know I've got a fair amount of JDrama watchers who belong to JDrama-related communities on my flist.

I have a sudden urge to have some Mei-Chan no Shitsuji icons. Where do I find really good Mei-chan icons? (Specifically Mei the character... I love Rihito and Kento and the rest, but I'm looking for Mei.)
Snagged from random surfing on Dreamwidth.

Never Will I Ever meme: Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

Heavy emphasis on the attempt to write.

Oh, and it helps that I'm familiar with the fandom.
So the fic masterpost for [livejournal.com profile] genderbendbb is up. One of the fics is mine.

Which is missing an artist (since we don't have many fanartists in Kamen Rider Kiva fandom).

I used Horikita Maki (HanaKimi, AtaDan) as a face for my female Wataru (technically speaking, I probably should have used Jeong Ryeo Won, the pb for Questing, but I goofed up).

Anyway, if you're into long genderbend fics (15000+ words), the list is here.
I hope Toei settles on how to spell Phillip/Phillipe's name soon. After the Fangaia/Fangaire/Fangire debacle, I'm refraining from changing my spelling for a few weeks.

"But," you say, "You're not writing W/Double fanfics!"

Actually, I'm up to 4 as of this post.

Um. Yeah.

ETA: Um. It really helps if wordpress doesn't lose half of the newest fic... fixed.
I think, at nearly 200 fics, it's safe to say that Ghostly, my new fanfic archive is open for business!

And to celebrate (though I feel a bit presumptuous), I created feeds for it on LJ and DW. (Sorry about the html, but I couldn't quite get it to show the feed correctly on LJ.) The feed itself is at http://ghostly.estirose.net/feed for those who want to add that to google reader or another RSS reader.

The syndicated accounts pick up the title and excerpt, which should cover everything except the quirky warning system that I have on it.

ETA: I've tried to cover a lot of fic ground with this archive, even though I'm not anywhere near adding all the fics in. The oldest fic in the archive is from 1989; the newest was written a few hours ago. It's got some classic stuff and stuff off of estirose and estirise. It's even got some stuff that I don't think I've really posted on LJ/DW.

So yes, I'm really proud.
Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] mariko_azrael:

If you read this, even if we don't speak often, please leave a comment to this post with a memory you have of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad. Once you've left a comment, post this little paragraph on your journal and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you. Any 'verse, point in canon or random encounter between you and me is welcome.
Happy birthday, [info - personal] tptigger!
This is Taiga, in foster care. Spoilers 30+

Finding the Right Home )
11 icons from Kamen Rider W 1 under cut.
Icons! )
As the subject says, PRDT, set White Universe. Anton's POV.

Helping from the shadows )
The Art of Sushi and Ryuunosuke
by Estirose
c 2009

Takeru sat back and watched as Genta taught Ryuunosuke the fine art of making Sushi. Or rather, tried to teach Ryuunosuke the fine art of making sushi.

Ryuunosuke was many things; a fine actor, a great fighter, an honorable samurai. But while he wasn't on Mako's level, Ryuunosuke was no great cook. Still, Genta was trying, and Ryuunosuke, if a bit flaily, was doing his best to follow Genta's lead.

Takeru firmly believed that Ryuunosuke could do anything he wanted if he put his mind to it. Ryuunosuke had the drive, and the dramatic personality to go with it.

But as Ryuunosuke dropped the sushi he was working on, Takeru could do nothing but smile a small, private smile.
I thought of doing a poll for this, but it seemed too... limited.

Anyway, Ghostly (the new archive) is so far going great! I love the plugins Wordpress has. There are some minor flaws (Categories are for the most part in alphabetical order, but if you clicked on one of the tags at the end of the post, the stories wouldn't be in order; the front page needs work). But I'm looking forward to putting together a whole archive that includes things like story notes, Character pages, and so on.

Of course, now that I'm catching up on archiving, I'm facing a slight problem.
How to do warnings )
I need to recover from a rather bad 24 hours. I need 3-4 fic prompts. Right now I could probably write angstfic better than happyfic, and my stranger fic universe s better than plain canon. But toss me fic concepts, and I'll try to write something in response.

(If I don't get requests, I'm apt to write Kiva mpreg and fics about strange Watarus.)
Okay, sometimes the person that's really good at searching google comes up with a blank. A frustrating blank.

I'm looking for 5mm dice. I can find hordes of D6es (the common 6-sided dice used in board games), but not any of the others (such as D4s, D10s, D12s, and D20s).

Anybody know who sells these? I know they exist!
1. Pick up to 10 OTPs.
2. Describe them in 15 words or less
3. Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. She's a genius and probably the reason he has that degree. (Tommy/Hayley, guessed by tptigger, madkrazyghetto, and alexissteele)
2. One faithfully wishes for the other to come home.
3. Together, they race for a cure for him.
4. Two shy youngsters change the world, in ways they didn't expect.
5. She stole his heart and his life.
6. One of them has talent and an ego to match; the other is just unlucky. (Kagami/Tendou, guessed by lazulisong)
7. It doesn't matter what world the other comes from, just that love comes. (Trip/Katie, guessed by tptigger)


Aug. 14th, 2009 08:25 pm
Kind of "What would happen if Mio somehow got pregnant in CFUD". I'd love for it to be a round robin, but I have a suspicion that I would have about as much luck as the last two I tried to start.

Fic )



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