They're (possibly temporarily) blowing away the main scribblit database/code and replacing it with beta's. If you've got anything you value on Scribblit main, make sure it'e backed up.
Under the cut, a clip of Kiriya from Kamen Rider Hibiki. It's from episode 48 (and therefore spoilery), but those who want to see Kiriya in action (same actor who plays Yuuto in Den-O) can.

embeddedness )
Either that, or somebody with really poor netiquette.

There's a user named sretaehc running about, it was created two days ago. The journal has, as of now, posted 277 comments and received one (from itself).

The site is the one linked. I peeked at in in lynx and firefox on paranoid mode, and it *seems* to be okay, but....

Of interest, the site sells a script that posts multiple times... A spamming script.

The owner info is restricted, the owner says they live in St Louis, but the ip is somewhere in Europe.

I want to do more investigation before I report this guy (he either is testing a way to spam LJ or someone misconfigured the script bought from him). has decided to ban fics with anything the author didn't write. (Source: with clarification from posters at

I just pulled all but about 12 or so of my 33 fics in protest. (Beth, I didn't pull any of our cowrites or the Charmed crossover.)

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? (Yes, it involves Inkwell and a ton of entries.)

ETA: Well, you can quote anything public domain. But that's it. You can't quote song lyrics or lines from the show.
AOL and the sidekick are having disagreements. I can't sign on or off from the sidekick, and it looks like my SN is signed on. Don't try to say hi to me, because I'm not there.

ETA: It's fixed now. Turning the sidekick off for ten minutes killed the connection. Still, it was weird.
Sometimes, I see stories on my various communities that have to be read to be believed. This one... I'm glad this lady doesn't live in my city....

That wrong number was rude to me!
I bought my Sidekick. Now, even though I have no power, at least I can chat via IM.
I use Firefox and Safari because they block popups. Or at least they're supposed to.

However, even with popups fully blocked on both Safari and Firefox, I'm starting to get popups/popunders again. Admittedly, not to the same extent that I get them if I surf on the work 'puter (and thank goodness the Sidekick web browser seems to be modified Lynx), but still... I'm not supposed to be getting them at all. seems to be the biggest culprit on this.

Anybody else seeing this?
I'm better today than yesterday - no chills, no fever, a bit of lightheadedness (but not enough to keel me over), and of course, I sound like I have a cold, but my throat hasn't been overly sore. Got through the day with grape juice. Am glad for concentrate.

Off to bed early to get plenty of rest.
I thought, having had the sidekick for just under two days, and I thought I'd share my impressions.
So far, so good )

Oh, and if anybody called me today? Um, I accidentally deleted all my voicemail. Sorry.
1. Installed 10.3.8 on computer. Now cannot use USB ports (neither scanner nor palm pilot register).
2. Fedex delivered my Sidekick to someplace halfway across town.


ETA: Well, a pair of reboots fixed problem #1 (but give it a day or two more, Mandi). Now if a pair of reboots would explain why Fedex sent my Sidekick to the wrong address.
Okay, I hate spammers.

I really hate spammers more now, if possible.

SBC (my DSL provider) has now blocked port 25 access, which is how I send mail out of an ISP account that I still use and also my accounts. I have two options: 1) set all of my smtp to go out of SBC's servers, or 2) jump through the hoops to get SBC to unblock port 25 on my account.

I am a tad bit irritated at SBC for putting the port 25 block on my account, even more annoyed that they didn't announce it, but I hate the spammers that made it necessary for them to do it even more.

ETA: And there's no intelligent life at SBC. I've just confirmed it.
There was something in my email a few days ago, purporting to be from, containing an attachment to be run. Now, I'm pretty savvy about this sort of thing - I don't click on a link, I type in the web address to prevent phishing attacks. I checked the website, and they did mention phishing, like any good website, but it didn't mention this item, so I decided to email them. This was their response:

"The email you received was not sent by e-gold Ltd. It was a fraudulent
attempt to compromise e-gold accounts through a scam known as "Phishing".
e-gold never send unsolicited emails asking customers to click on a link or
an attachment in an email. If you clicked on the link or attachment, there
is a strong possibility you may have a Trojan virus on your computer.
more information you may want to review the security recommendations listed
on the e-gold security alert page on the e-gold website."

Duh. I did read their page, and I also *specified in my email* that I was on a Mac! (Techinically, I could probably find a way to run the program, but that's for another post)



Jan. 6th, 2005 07:07 pm
Robert Matsui. U.S. House of Representatives, D-Sacramento since 1978.


I found out about this today. I hardly ever read the local papers.

This evening, while Beth and I were working on the commentary for Building Family: Utopia, someone knocked on my door, rather urgently.

It turns out it was some guy named Corey, looking for Alyssa. I think that that was the name of the teenaged girl who used to live here.

Needless to say, since he was pounding on the door somewhat heavily (and I was not wearing anything heavier than a light nightgown, so I didn't want to open it), that I was scared. But at least he finally realized that the person he was looking for was not there and went away.

The only explanation I could think of is that since my bedroom light was out (power still has to be fixed), where the parents' bedroom was, and the living room light was *on*, and no car in their parking spot, he might have thought that her parents had gone off for the night, and wanted to visit her. (She was a bit of a wild child, apparently, per my upstairs neighbor.)

Still, I think he should have gotten a clue very quickly when I was totally confused on why someone was pounding on my door at 6:40 in the evening.

I mean, don't you usually *check* to see if your friend still lives there before knocking on a possible stranger's door?!?


Dec. 27th, 2003 08:54 pm
Despite completely wiping the MacOS off the Cube, I'm gratified to discover that it still recognizes "hold mouse button down during startup". Which is good when I discovered that Yellow Dog Linux doesn't read win32-formatted CDs.
For those rare instances where the computer gets stuck upon disconnecting. Hopefully I won't need it for too much longer.

Because somebody, intentionally or unintentionally, caused a fire behind my apartment building last night. I was woken up at an ungodly hour last night by people yelling 'fire!'. I think it was about 2 or 2:15 or so. Got back in a while later. Stayed awake until 4. Woke up again around 7. Supervisor told me to take off. I didn't argue. She wanted me to rest. Unfortunately, I'm so hyper that I can't sleep.

So, on top of my grandfather being in hospital, I'm here at home with little to do because my supervisor knows better to tell someone to go to work who's been awake due to a little bit of a fire behind the building.

One: I've discovered that there's this lovely program called "" which creates virtual windows. Which is rather useful when you don't want to crowd your screen and switch between windows when you're browsing the web and reading a PDF. Among other things. I'll try to get a screen capture sometime soon.

Two, I found this lovely program called "DVD capture" which captures images from Apple's DVD app. I played with it tonight, one picture I captured being here. The capture in question is from the opening sequence from Hurricaneger (Think I got it spelled right), in case anyone finds it familiar.

Three, if I seem absent or not online very much for the next few (except for evenings), it's because my grandfather's in hospital and therefore I'm staying off the phone. It's not because he's in any danger, but he is in hospital and I don't want to be on the 'net if something happens.
It had to happen eventually. Mary Sue author with baby naming book.
Okay, realized at an obsene hour last night that I hadn't paid my rent, and the property management folks get kinda nasty about that. So trekked out of the apartment at 6:12 AM (only to miss the train that I was going to get) to walk down to said rental agency. Despite everything, I only managed to be 5 minutes late to work. Worked on about four hours of sleep.

No wonder it took a two-mile walk/jog plus two cups of coffee to keep me awake today.

Just finished reading Apparently SPEWS (Spam Prevention Early Warning System), a blocklist advice site, decided to expand a listing for a spam provider. One of the websites in the expanded listing took umbrage at being listed and started bombing the newsgroup. (People are told to post there when they've cleaned up their spam problem.)

Can I mention how *stupid* this is? The listing for said site is now in hundreds of *private* blocklists, and several people got their accounts suspended for their behaviour on the newsgroup. There's nothing more that gives your site a bad name to the admins of the world than to attack n.a.n.a.e.

*shakes head*
Managed to add four entries to PR Recs with four to go. Hm. Maybe insomnia can be useful.

Entries added:
"A Special Gift" by White Tiger
"Breeze Series" (me)
"Legacy" by Ellen Brand
"Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Kittie

To be added:
"Once and Future Rangers" by Joe Rovang (trying to figure if this is primarily a MMPR crossover or a PRZ one)
"The Worse of Two Evils" by Joe Rovang (likely MMPR AU - have to reread both stories)
"Home for the Holocaust" by Chris (Funaro) (LG romance - just has to be re-added, I think.)
"The Lone Wolf Ranger" by Database Ranger (WF - again, have to read - recommendation person lists this as alt, but most likely drama)

These will probably be posted when I go over them tomorrow morning. I guess there might also be another PRNS rec up the line. (Right, Beth? :) )
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