I'm still making epic plans for this year. So, this round it's a poll for a cracky crossover. And will talk about word count later (yesterday's was 0, for reasons I will mention).

Poll )
And if you're so inclined, my icon poll is still open too.
It occurs to me that I should add some more icons. Like at least 20. But I'm indecisive as hell, so...
poll time!
36 icons, 20 slots, or thereabouts )
Okay, potential Den-O crossover. Two Jdrama series (HanaDan and Hana Kimi). Poll under cut.
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I promise to stop flooding my flist. Really.

Anyway, I ran across this neat thing called "flashfic" which was apparently based on the person's icons. Now, I make a lot of icons but only use a limited amount of them. So I chose 11 randomly. Since I make a ton of Kamen Rider icons, there are a lot of them in there, but there are a few other choices as well.

(There is one icon there that takes place late last season of Doctor Who and some that are recent Kamen Rider Kiva eps, so beware spoilers.)
cut because of multiple icons )
Well, I put together a list of my faves of the fic I have on Inkwell that wasn't a Beth cowrite or incomplete. It made me wonder which fics other people liked. So, I present a totally unscientific poll.

Because it's long )
Now to get muses going. I want to write a short fic to get me in the mood to work on one of my fics that desperately need working on. (Trip, Darien, SELMA, Kira, Conner, Kagami? Where in the heck are you?)

[Poll #944569]

(Links to these fics can be found here.)
Yes, I gave in. I also can't make up my mind.
Plot bunny ideas - Den-o spoilers, multi-fandom. )
I've been thinking more about putting up something similiar to [livejournal.com profile] pr_icontest, which is a contest for Power Rangers icons for the Tokusatsu fandom(s).
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