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When you're on a very small bus, and it's crowded, don't take up two seats. Thanks.
Okay, am having a very crappy day, please excuse my language.

One, my managers/supervisors should know better than to discuss personnel matters where people can hear them. This, on top of a rather bad call where my lead was of absolutely *no* help, caused me to break down for almost an hour this morning. (I have anxiety disorder - one of the triggers is managers/supervisors discussing personnel matters where I can hear them.)

Two, one of our newbies has a Kender-ish idea of what belongs to people. She poked around *everything* on my desk. Including my notebook, which I'd left on my desk because I wanted to have it handy. Which I wouldn't have minded had she not been a psychology major and I had my CBT steps listed there. (That's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, not Computer-Based Training.) I mean, I don't mind if the newbies are generally curious. But a casual glance would have indicated that my notebook had nothing to do with my job, and flipping through it is definitely out of line. (Yes, I'm having a little *talk* with one of the supervisors tomorrow about this.)

Three, I got my rejection letter from the JET program. This would have been more of a shock had I not known that I didn't get an email, and had already started working on plan B (finding a new job within state service).

Four, I accidentally closed a fic that I was writing (to help recover from the first problem) and so I am now having to reconstruct said fic.

I was reading a discussion on Slashdot, and I would have commented, except that someone beat me to it.

What bothers me is that, even though I really want a legal copy of Hurricanger on DVD (and there's also a release of the first 10 episodes of Mirai Sentai TimeRanger - the basis for Power Rangers Time Force - available for preorder on cdjapan as well), I won't be able to see it.

Why? Because of region encoding! America is Region 1 - Japan is Region 2. Apart from getting a multi-region player (not sure if those are quite legal), I have no chance of seeing these things legally.

A lot of problems would be solved if the region coding system was abolished. While I see the reasons behind it, how many people are likely to want to watch Sentai series in region 1, especially since the Sentai series for the last decade have all been adapted into Power Rangers?

I'm willing to pay the prices to import the darn things - now how about giving me the ability to see them?


Aug. 4th, 2003 08:00 am
1. We have no Outlook at work this morning.

2. I forgot to upload my stuff that I was going to upload last night. So, the 1 drabble, 5 recs, and 10 things that I was going to upload are not up yet. (I slept very soundly last night- almost missed my train this morning!) Will upload tonight, along with the incoherent vignette.
Let me preface this rant with the fact that I *am* a Christian (my denomination wavers) and that I don't believe most Christians on the conservative side act like this. But when someone makes us look bad, then I want to rant.

I was on our area's public transit, our light rail train. I was coming home from work. So far, so good. It was a Friday afternoon. Most people were tired. I was, especially, because we'd just had a very busy day on Thursday, and so I was looking forward to getting home, closing the door, and just playing with my computer for the rest of the evening.

That is... until these two idiots board my car, started proclaiming loudly about Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and then started a hard-to-miss recitation of scripture nearby. One read, one repeated. Not being able to stand it any longer a train stop or two later (I'd fortunately had this guy who had been thrown out of his girlfriend's house right across from me, and he drowned them out until he got off), I got off and waited for the next train. I could have gotten on a car further back, but I wanted to not chance having them read on the next car.

Now, I understand that God made a call to make disciples of all nations. But I feel embarrassed by my Christian bretheren who think that making a production on a train or a bus will help gather souls to God. My preference is that of living a Christian life by example and letting people know my beliefs when they ask. That way, I can practice my religion and they can practice theirs.

Do these people *understand* how blasted stupid they were? I bet not. If you want to save souls, folks, don't embarass your God-loving neighbors while at it. Thanks.



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