This is a larger-than-usual batch of "Waxing Wildly", 20 icons in all, from September 2007. I'm batching them in 20 for the next couple of rounds to try to get into 2008 before I run out of 2008.

For those of you who haven't run across this before, this is where I talk about my icons.

Waxing Wildly 31 )
And yet another "Waxing Wildly". The icons here were made August-September 2007.

Waxing Wildly 30 )
Here's another Waxing Wildly, where I talk about some of my icons. Currently I'm talking about icons I made in August 2007.

Waxing Wildly part 29 )
Here's the 28th installment of "Waxing Wildly", where I talk about the icons I've made.

Waxing Wildly about icons )
Here's "Waxing Wildly" 27, where I talk about my icons.
Waxing Wildly 27 )
Yep, Waxing Wildly (about icons) time again, where I talk about my icons.
Waxing Wildly 26 )
Here is Waxing Wildly (about Icons), number 25.

Icons under cut )
Here's Waxing Wildly, part 24.

More Waxing Wildly about Icons )
I seem to be on a roll here for the Waxing Wildly series this weekend.
Waxing Wildly part 23 )
And here's Waxing Wildly about icons, part 22.

Waxing Wildly part 22 )
Here's more "Waxing Wildly", where I'm now up to icons I was making in January, 2007. For previous parts, click the tag.
Waxing Wildly part 21 )
Wherein I talk about some of the icons I've made. Previous parts can be found by clicking the tag.

icons )
I'm on a roll, if you couldn't guess. Here's waxing wildly, part 19.

Waxing Wildly about icons )
I've lost track, admittedly. I also haven't done this for months. For those of you new to this, this is where I talk about icons I've made. I'm currently in icons made in late 2006.

Waxing Wildly about icons )
I don't think I did part 16. I can't find part 16.

Anyway, this is where I talk about icons, if sometimes a bit briefly.

Waxing Wildly part 16 )
You're probably wondering (or probably not wondering) where I'm going to end this. Well, I'm in the middle of the 2006 icons now, and we're 2/3 of the way through 2007. So, lots more parts.

So, part 15. More icons, more commentary. This is the last for the night.

More icons! )
Waxing Wildly #14 is a bit special because it's 15 icons that came from the same icon batch and all have one story about them.

Waxing Wildly about... bases? )
Here's Waxing Wildly part 13, where I do more waxing about my icons.

Waxing Wildly 13 )
I'm in a mood for old icons, so I'm putting up a few editions of "Waxing Wildly". (One will be a super-edition because of the nature of an icon batch.) Here's #12.

I like my icons. Most of the time. )
Yep, it's time again for Waxing Wildly About Icons.

Part 11 )
Yep, another entry to "Waxing Wildly", where I discuss my icons. See the tag for previous parts.

Waxing Wildly part 10 )
Here's the latest in "Waxing Wildly", my series about the icons I've done. Previous parts can be reached by clicking on the tag.

Waxing Wildly, part 9 )
Here's Waxing Wildly, part 8, where I talk even more about my icons.

Waxing Wildly )
And here's Waxing Wildly 7, my series of posts about my icons. Yeah, I know I just did 6, but I'm making up for not doing it last week. Previous parts can be found via the tag.

Waxing Wildly about Icons, part 7 )
Yes, it's another round of "Waxing Wildly about icons!", where I talk about the icons I've made. Click on the tag to access previous editions.

Waxing Wildly )
Figures I finally remember to update this when I have insomnia.

Anyway, here is my latest set of icon commentaries:

six more icons and some ramblings )
I just realized I forgot to update Final Aura Burst. *Headdesk* (Those of you who know me also know why I got involved in RL this weekend.)

Anyway, here's another round of the "Waxing Wildly" series, where I look back at the icons I've made. Full explanation in the first post, and if you want to see all of the posts so far, click on the "waxing wildly" tag.

Waxing Wildly about icons )
Here's the second bit. Click on the tag for further information about this series.

I examine my second group of icons )
I've decided, at least once a week, to post up some of the 100+ icons at Wonki, starting with some of the oldest. For the next few rounds, they won't quite be in order, but as I go on, the icons will start to be in order of posting.

The reason why the first few round aren't in order was because Wonki started out as a Wiki. However, it eventually became apparent that the Wiki format wasn't ideal for what I was doing, so I saved the icons and uploaded them en masse into an image gallery. I have at least 48 icons/pictures that were all uploaded the same day, thus the wild assortment of the first few batches.

As things go on, you'll see my icon style change. Some of these will be good, some will cause me to cringe in embarrassment, but all of them are mine.

All of these are snaggable, please credit, don't hotlink.

Waxing Wildly, part 1 )



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