And I have finished NaNoWriMo. Yay! (Kercollapse) Now if I'd only managed a complete plot outline for novel #1. *sigh* But thanks to Meg Cabot's little pep talk, I did finish!

In the typo department, here's one that was a bit Tomorrow People-influenced:

"If you two promise to not break out in the car," Emery's grandmother said, "I'll leave you to your fun."

(The funny thing is, Emery can apport - teleport other things - and possibly teleport herself, so....)

Between the full novel and the aborted one, I managed about 65,000 words. Whew!

Now, I'll post the last bit of the novel to [ profile] esti_rise at some point in the next 24 hours. I also want to put together all of novel #2's posts (so far) and add them to a master post that can be added to the Queen's Gambit post on [ profile] estorise (I have plot bunnies complaining about wanting a rewrite on a fic I've got as a WIP).

I couldn't have done it without the web program "Write or Die". The novel might have been less cohesive because of it, but it got me through. ("Write or Die" is very useful for NaNo. The fic "Worn Down Blood" was also mostly written in "Write or Die".)

What character am I most like in X fandom meme )
Bleh. I lost about 600 words (of a major scene) in one of my NaNo novels due to an errant paste. *sigh* I guess I rewrite it after Dinner.

Parse the review? )


Nov. 24th, 2008 09:42 pm
I lose a couple of hundred words in word count when I paste novel #2 for wordcount, and gain less than a hundred when I paste in novel #1. Very very weird. Same word processor, too.

Well, at least I wrote/posted another ~1200 words for #2.

Misc stuff

Nov. 23rd, 2008 10:56 pm
I'm caught up once more on NaNo (for novel #1). Which is very good. Novel #2? Good question. I intend to write it after Yuletide. My problem is that my characters keep wanting to make it a short story instead of a novel. Oops ) I might write more of #2 tonight because I can't sleep yet (why would probably be TMI).

And, this morning, I discovered Kyou Kara Maou. *Facepalm* I like it, but it's sucking away my time. And I twittered fic.

ETA: The excerpt for novel #1 is here.
Thanks to a web thing called "Write or Die", I'm getting a lot more of NaNo in. Which is good, as I'm completely winging novel #1's plot now.

probably more of interest of me than anybody else )
I seem to have regained my NaNoWriMo muse.



Nov. 11th, 2008 09:25 pm
I just... can't get into either of my novels at the length and speed I need to. With full-time work, classes and everything, I just have not been feeling it. So, I'm going to put a halt to them, to the most extent, and drop out of NaNo (though if I do write, I will update the word count).

Here's my plan:
1. I'll still write them. I just can't get motivated right now to write at the crashy speed NaNo requires at this point. I want to tell these stories. This just doesn't seem the time to do them. (Yes, full-time work, school, and various and sundry personal problems just have sapped me this year.) These characters do have stories to tell, I just can't manage the speed. (I'm not going to feel guilty about it, though.) I still reserve the right to suddenly pick up a ton of speed and catch up, though.

2. I have Yuletide. Normally, I'd start the fic in December (so, no pressure here), but this will give me time to review source material/check out a new fandom. I'm going to try pinch-hitting this year.

3. Instead of writing NaNo (unless I get inspired), I'm going to continue on with my fics. The latest Kiva arcs have gotten me really fic-inspired, and I have other stuff to do.
I think I bit off more than I could chew with two novels this year. Oh well. Usually I'm motivated. This year I seem not to be. So, to keep up with NaNo, primary novel "Late Bloomer" will continue and if I get up enough, I'll write little bits and pieces for #2, "Song in a Painting". (Which is the one, incidentally, I asked for advice on.)

I've also signed up for Yuletide. I'll be making my DYW post public late Monday.

Anyway, on top of everything else, I have a plot bunny from Kiva. This has spoiler for 39-40 from the summaries I read, is very short, and doesn't realize that November is NaNo, dangit!)

Spoilers for Kiva 39 and 40 preview )
I'd ask this in the little details comm or the NaNo forums, but I figure I have enough people who know about this kind of thing. (Oh, and hi - frantically catching up my double NaNo this weekend!) Maybe someone can give me an idea what to do with the action sequence.

The details )
Day 2's bit of novel #2 (Song in a Painting of the Crimson Moon) is up here. I'm pleased to announce that between the two novels, I am now over 10,000 words.

Yuletide signups are up. Yeah, the lack of PR is a bummer, but I chose 4 fandoms to be a recipient in and 8 to write in. Amazingly, only 3 of the fandoms I volunteered to write in are Japanese. Speaking of which, there are several Sentai series and a Kamen Rider one for the Toku inclined, and I think in several of them, the same person is the only one requesting and writing in the fandom so far. If Toku is not your thing, there are lots and lots and lots of fandoms out there to choose from.
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Two, this year.

#1: A young woman discovers a fantastic heritage that her father has hidden from her.

#2: A girl discovers that she's heir to a title... with powers that will enable her to take revenge on her mother's killers.
Whew! I did [ profile] finalauraburst!

So, you've probably noticed I haven't been writing much fic the last few days. There are a few reasons for this.

1. I really don't like "Useless Things" 29 right now. I know what needs to be done (the last section needs to be expanded badly, and there needs to be more tension), but I'm not sure what to do with it. And dangit, I need to get my pairing in bed, finally.
2. Useless Things, Second Son, and Promoted Pawn have the same general... well, not idea, but similar themes. plots ). I'm having to remember what's going on in which. I think figuring out Useless would be a good thing.
3. I wrote an Aya flashfic, and then I decided it needed expanding. Bad idea.
4. I keep meaning to finish up a Kiyoe fic, but then I don't and I guilt trip a bit over it.
5. I hopped into [ profile] kamendressing, which is very fun but has sapped some of my energy. (I'm currently playing two characters there.)

Multi-fandom vs one fandom, crack!RP vs regular RP )
(Teal Deer/tl;dr: I seem to do better in basically either one-fandom or cracky RPs.)

Oh, and I'm participating in NaNoWriMo, so I do need to wrap these stories up by then.

This will be my third year in NaNoWriMo. My first year was the fanfic "Discovering The Sun", which may get done one of these days. The second year was "Sloshing Along The River", which I managed to get through without introducing any canon characters until the very end (though not without introducing any canon species), which was pretty good, considering it was set vaguely in the "New Dawn" RP universe and featured various and sundry of my OCs. (I accidentally signed up last year and had to come up with a plot fast, and [ profile] fikgirl was kind enough to let me kidnap her universe.)

This year, my novel is very loosely based upon a pre-Kiva plot bunny. I've got my Main Character named, and I have a vague idea of the plot, I just have to figure out the rest of it. This will be interesting.

Anybody else on my Flist doing NaNo?
I have this feeling I'm forgetting something possibly important. This isn't it, but I'm going to ramble on anyway.

First of all, there was a fic I want to find. It's a Doctor Who fic. It had to do with Lucy Saxon, Martha, and it's implied that Lucy is pregnant with her husband's baby and wants to get rid of it. I know it's somewhere, on Teaspoon, I think, but I can't find it.

I found it. It's called "The Women", by nostalgia.

And the fic things for the rest of the year )
Actually, since I'm aiming at 29,000 today, it's more than that wordcount wise.

Novel Mutterings )
NanoWriMo: 25483/50000

Now if I can just keep the invasion from happening that I don't want happening. Bad plot bunnies!

(I think I also have a useful fic idea for the Dekapink/Abarekiller shortfic. Though with my wordcount, it's not likely to happen until this weekend.)
so to not spoiler anyone )

I'm at sixteen thousand something, hope to get to 17500 before bed.
I've had a bad evening, but thanks to peeking in my logs, I've had a nice, mystifying, and ultimately funny couple of minutes.

And it's all thanks to Google translate.

Apparently, somebody in Japan was searching for "Yaguruma" and "Kageyama" and somehow ended up clicking on a link to part of "Discovering the Sun". Don't ask me why they were using Romanji instead of Kanji. Don't ask me why they clicked on an English-language fanfic. Somebody in Japan is no doubt terribly confused right now.

What's funny was that when I pasted the link to find out what the person was doing (using google translation is one way of getting around censorware), I got to see that particular entry in Japanese, or at least Google's idea of English-Japnese translation. Apparently, the translator had a few problems: I am now the author of a fanfic called "Sunday's Discovery" (日曜日の発見, for those who can see kanji). Heaven knows what it did to the other ~2000 words, I didn't dare look.

So, yeah, I'm amused.

Edit: That's a no, not a wo. Vague guess at translation corrected.
Must... not... write... fanfic... for... Den-o... before... at... least... two... episodes... subbed....

So I'll do an icon for Kamen Rider Blade and a "Discovering the Sun" bit instead.

A scene that won't make it into Discovering The Sun - spoilers late 40s eps )

Kamen Rider Blade icon, from ep 41 )
First of all, "Discovering the Sun" Chapter 6, part 7 should show up on [ profile] estinano shortly. Since that was the end of Chapter 6, I also put all of the second half of Chapter Six up at Inkwell. It's here if you want to read it. Chapter 7 (Mandibles) part 1 should be up sometime tonight on [ profile] estinano. (Yep, we're hitting circa episodes 21-22 now!)

And some thoughts on the Den-O raw....
Den-O raw ep 1 spoilers within )
Yeah, I'm late. My sleep schedule is wonky.

Anyway, 30,000 words! 30,177 to be precise. Still in Chapter 4, because Kagami won't tell me when I hit chapter 5. It was supposed to be "Dragonfly", but I have no clue what it's going to be now, because I don't know if I can get Daisuke to show up. And this novel is definitely getting away from canon. Bleh. Or maybe not bleh.

Last night's efforts (Chapter 4, part 3) and tonight's efforts (Chapter 4, part 4) should be up at the master post shortly.

NaNo mumblings - various Kabuto spoilers )
I'm too tired to update the Master post, but I am happy to say that I'm at nearly 28,000 words and there's a good chance I'll hit 30,000 tomorrow. I won't be on IM much - I'm making sure my place is clean before family arrives for the holidays - but I should make my wordcount. Still in Chapter 4.

The inner editor speaks, and novel discussion, Kamen Rider Kabuto episode 9-10 mentions )
26,097 words! Yay! That's slightly over half the project done (26000/50000), and I'm on day 13. (Admittedly around next week, Thanksgiving, I will be writing/posting really slowly, so it's not as grand as it sounds.)

I'm still in Chapter 4, which may or may not resolve in part 3 but certainly in heck didn't resolve in part 2.

more novel discussion, which means more spoilers around eps 9-15 or so )
I need to write shorter chapters.

I'm at 22,292 words now, and just finished Chapter 3, Part 5. No way am I going to have this story done by 50,000 words.

I am too wordy for my own good - Kabuto spoilers for episode 9,10, 20 and beyond )
20,000 words! Whee!

Actually, 20,129, but who's counting? :)

Master post updated with part 4 of Chapter 3. (Part 3 was posted late yesterday due to technical glitches.)

Am thinking of whether to post a note about it to [ profile] grandma_said (Kamen Rider Kabuto community, slash friendly) while I'm writing it, after NaNo is over, or not at all. I'm sure that there are a few people in [ profile] grandma_said following [ profile] finalauraburst, which has been covering the parts (and these almost-daily posts) very nicely.

Novel discussion - some unsubbed Kabuto and late subbed spoilers )

Anyone have a happy Kagami icon?
Another low wordcount day. On the other hand, I think I can break the 20,000 word barrier tomorrow. I only have to write just over 2000 words. 17,979 for today.

Because I'm having fun with technical issues, Chapter 3, part 3 is going to post tomorrow. I don't know if anybody's subscribed to [ profile] estinano, but if you are, you should see it show up sometime tomorrow morning.

EDIT: Technical issue resolved, part 3 up and added to Master Post.

For those who have been waiting for me to consolidate Chapter 2, I have. You can now read Chapter 2 in two parts on Inkwell: Part 1, and Part 2.

plot mumblings and Kabuto spoilers )

Nano day 8

Nov. 8th, 2006 10:26 pm
I'm done, at least for the day. Still in Chapter 3 (Stinger), intro'ed one new character. Okay, intro'ed one expected character. Merging parts of episodes 5 and 6. 16184 words.

This is despite my PDA upchucking when I tried to save this morning's 500 or so words, causing me to start from scratch on today's bit. Plus an hour or so long phone call. People weren't kidding when they said that you'd find time to write.

Updated master post with part 2. Part 1 posted previously. Will consolidate Chapter 2 onto Inkwell tomorrow.
I've hit 14,173 words and am now into chapter 3. Thank goodness. This more or less also takes out my deficit from yesterday.

Oh, and chapter 2 hit over 10,000 words. Ow. Lotta stuff in that one. And I'm going to be dealing with the consequences in chapter 3 in the middle of trying to intro another character. Fun.

*goes off to update master post* Master post now updated. I'll consolidate chapter 2 (possibly as 2a and 2b) into Inkwell probably tomorrow or Thursday and erase the blog links.
I got 1592 words, mostly because I kept getting interrupted at work (by work, during my lunch break) and then at home (by freaking idiot political phone calls - thank goodness the election is tomorrow), and couldn't concentrate. Having to go to bed early tonight so I can get to the polls during daylight hours doesn't help. Thank goodness I can make that up in the next few days. It's not such a deficit that I'm in trouble.

I updated the master post, too.

novel ramblings )
Well, I hit my 10,000 word mark today (10,301 to be exact). I think I now have the longest English-language Kamen Rider Kabuto fic in existance, and I'm not even close to done at this point.

story discussion - early Kabuto spoilers )
Since I uploaded part 1 to Inkwell (it's fanfic, after all), I thought I might (computer permitting) do a master post, to be updated as I post new parts to Inkwell and my NaNo blog.

For those just coming in, "Discovering the Sun" is my NaNoWriMo project this year. It's set in an alternate universe to the Kamen Rider Kabuto storyline. Because it is my NaNoWriMo project, no familiarity with Kamen Rider Kabuto is needed. It was originally conceived to be slash; at this point it's got some minor, implied slash, and I don't expect it to get explicit. (Not normally a major slash writer, you see.)

Check here for parts )
Well, I've managed to finish day two of nanowrimo with slightly higher than expected wordcount. Let's see if I can get even more done tomorrow.

novel mutterings - spoilers for those reading it (also early Kabuto and a little bit of God Speed Love) )
Skip if you aren't interested/don't want to be spoiled for my NaNoWriMo project.

My NaNoPlans - Kamen Rider Kabuto spoilers 35 and previous/God Speed Love )
I'm nattering on about NaNoWriMo and the Finish-a-thon, so I've lj-cut both, as well as one icon I'm posting.

NaNoWriMo plans )

And an icon )

Finish-a-thon )
Both have to do with Kamen Rider Kabuto, so please bear with me if you're not into that.

First of all, I was talking to Nalanzu last night, and she pretty much outlined a slash fic for me. I was just reading about NaNoWriMo, and I think that I will be outlining this fully so I can write a fic out of it. If I'm going to try my hand at slash, I might as well think big, right? So, more details later for those interested.

And speaking of interested, I know there's a small community of Kabuto fans out there. I thought it would be interesting if we had a board to discuss the show on, so I've started one. You can find it at. (ETA: I know there are other boards that discuss Kabuto, I'm aiming for one that's less general.)



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