So, one last post before I move to Dreamwidth/blog. I'm mostly doing this because I started Yuletide on this journal, and I felt I should do my reveal here.

First of all, thank you to henshin and zenfu for my lovely Yuletide gift fics! I loved them both.

I wrote five fics in five fandoms for five recipients. They were Never Give Up (Mei-chan no Shitsuji), which was my assignment, and the gift fics Closer Ties (Kamen Rider Den-O), Loki and the Cup of Jonar (Norse Mythology), For All The Flaws (Earth: Final Conflict), and A Most Content Husband (Gokusen). I enjoyed writing every single one of them. I put a few thoughts about these fics here on the new blog.

ETA: I volunteered to beta a fic at the last minute on the #yuletide IRC channel, and it turned out pretty darn good (not that it needed a whole lot of help). It's Set (Me&You) = The Result of (Try (Get Things Right)), a TRON fic featuring Flynn/Alan.
I think I have finished writing for Yuletide this year. *kerflop*

Five stories, five fandoms, five recipients. Whew!

This year was a bit challenging Yuletide-wise, as I decided for no good reason to write a different format for one fic, other than it sounded best. Hopefully that particular treat's recipient likes it and does not decide to throw bricks at me. :)

Of the five fics, four were in fandoms I'd written before and the fifth was a fandom of happy memories. Two were over 1000 words, two were between 500 and 1000, and one was below 500. Two were het, two were gen, and one was other. In all, I'm happy, and if my recipients run across this at some point, I just wanted to say I loved all your prompts.

Now to non-Yuletide fics.
I requested 4 and offered 10. Of the 10, I can guarantee I will not be writing 2, one because it was the fandom where I was the only requester, and the second had no requests.

Of the fandoms, I've written in 7/10 in this journal, 6/10 are Japanese-language. Of the fandoms I offered, 8 were primarily tv, 1 was book, 1 was a manga. 3 of them were for series introduced via CFUD.

I have the greatest odds of getting 2 Japanese series. I have the least odds of getting the book series.

My prediction: I will get the book series. I have only one character offered-to-write, but I know one of the DYW letters has that character requested, so.

*Goes off to reread book*
I wrote three fics for Yuletide this year, and so I thought I'd write about them, and link them.

A little note about a previous post )

Step in the Right Direction )

In The Stars, A Beauty )

Drifts Dreaming )
I don't have my favorites together yet, but since the Yuletide pages are not completely up/updated yet, I thought I'd post links to stories in various and sundry fandoms I requested (and one I didn't, but is close).

I thought I'd also take this moment to squee over the fact that I got two fics, one very funny and one that was funny/wonderful/sad.

First, my two wonderful gifts:

I'm on a Mission and My Mission Won't Stop: Did you ever think that Ben Wylie wasn't quite as dumb as he sounded? He wasn't. A very funny little drabble. (Starman)

Why Lisa Doesn't Come Around Any More: Lisa has her own adventure when she gets involved in an online site. This was my Yuletide gift, and features a site suspiciously like LJ, and the world of memes. The characterizations are beautiful and in some ways heartrending. (Tomorrow People, new series)

other stories in fandoms I requested )
Thanks to a web thing called "Write or Die", I'm getting a lot more of NaNo in. Which is good, as I'm completely winging novel #1's plot now.

probably more of interest of me than anybody else )
Dear Yuletide Writer:

Hello! I'm sure you looked at my requests and said "what in the hell is she smoking?", and I wouldn't blame you. So, under the cut, I talk about my preferences in the fandoms.
My fandom requests )
I got my Yuletide assignment. Squee! And I had an exact character match on the fandom I got. (Watch, I'll *also* get a story in this fandom. Either that, or [ profile] tptigger will die of laughter.) I'm a little bit scared, though, because I want to make the story so good for this writer. There's a possibility on an unrequested fandom, but I want to check on certain things before I try writing in it.

If you signed up for Yuletide, be sure to keep an eye on the two Yuletide comms.
Day 2's bit of novel #2 (Song in a Painting of the Crimson Moon) is up here. I'm pleased to announce that between the two novels, I am now over 10,000 words.

Yuletide signups are up. Yeah, the lack of PR is a bummer, but I chose 4 fandoms to be a recipient in and 8 to write in. Amazingly, only 3 of the fandoms I volunteered to write in are Japanese. Speaking of which, there are several Sentai series and a Kamen Rider one for the Toku inclined, and I think in several of them, the same person is the only one requesting and writing in the fandom so far. If Toku is not your thing, there are lots and lots and lots of fandoms out there to choose from.
I have this feeling I'm forgetting something possibly important. This isn't it, but I'm going to ramble on anyway.

First of all, there was a fic I want to find. It's a Doctor Who fic. It had to do with Lucy Saxon, Martha, and it's implied that Lucy is pregnant with her husband's baby and wants to get rid of it. I know it's somewhere, on Teaspoon, I think, but I can't find it.

I found it. It's called "The Women", by nostalgia.

And the fic things for the rest of the year )
In order of writing, I give you my notes! Fandoms are noted in my previous post; this one no doubt contains spoilers for a few of them (Kamen Rider Kabuto and Gokusen probably being the most spoilable).

Story notes )
And the people who wrote my fics were [ profile] obsessivemuch ("Brilliant Ideas") and [ profile] timjr ("Outfits Worse Than Form-Fitting Spandex"), who I have to find when I'm not about to run errands. Found them!

As for my own, I wrote seven, contained under the cut.
My Yuletide fics )



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