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Kind of "What would happen if Mio somehow got pregnant in CFUD". I'd love for it to be a round robin, but I have a suspicion that I would have about as much luck as the last two I tried to start.

Mio stared at the doctor in shock after she'd been told the news. She was glad that nobody had accompanied her to the hospital, so nobody was there to know.

She'd have to be careful, she knew. She was a bit more vulnerable in this state and she had a new life to look after - but she could look after it herself. If Wataru-san and Ryoutarou-san and Taiga knew about it, she'd spend the next 18 months being treated as if she were made of glass.

Which she was, kind of, and had once shattered, but still, she wasn't that fragile. She was Queen - she could take care of herself.

If Taiga knew, there would be more frequent Sagarc check-ins and more frequent visits. If Ryoutarou-san knew, he and Airi-san would be checking up on her a lot.

And Wataru-san would worry, and Wataru-san didn't need to worry.

She didn't even know who the father was, so she didn't have to tell anyone. At least until they could figure out who the child's father would be.

Holding her hand to her stomach, she walked out of the doctor's office.

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After having a good heart-to-heart with Doyle-san, Mio left a message with Sagarc the next time her ex-husband's henshin device paid a visit.

It wasn't at all surprising when Taiga showed up; he was always concerned about her health and when she wanted to talk to him, he always made an effort to make an appearance. "What's wrong, Mio?" he asked, brow furrowed in concern.

"I... I... I...." She couldn't get past the first word for a few minutes, then she took a deep breath. "I-I'm pregnant, Taiga...."

"Pregnant? How?" Taiga asked. He held her close. "Are you sure?"

She nodded. "The doctor confirmed it... um, last week. I don't know how I got pregnant, but I am, and I'm scared and I don't know who the father is...."

"You know I'll support you, Mio. Always." He squeezed her tightly, and then let go. "How's the child?"

"So far, healthy...." Mio took a deep breath. "And developing normally for a Fangire...."

Which probably meant the father had Fangire blood too, and there were only two people in Camp with that blood. One of them was sitting there beside her.

Taiga's smile was enough to brighten the room. "Congratulations. Have you talked to Peter-san about stepping up your feedings? And I'll go to mother for advice... she knows a lot about pregnancy... Wataru and Ryoutarou should know too...."

Mio cringed. "Please, Taiga," Mio said, "Your mother will think I'm some kind of whore trying to get at you, and you know that Wataru-san will be so worried...."

"But she's the one that knows more about pregnancy than anybody else here," Taiga said. "Don't worry, Mio, you don't have to talk to her. Just listen to her advice."

Mio wished that it was that simple.

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* * *

Nothing was more terrifying than having ones potential mother-in-law glare at one when one had effectively become pregnant by one of said woman's sons.

But Maya-san was the best expert at having Fangire children, and she'd had a half-human child. So Mio very quietly and timidly listened to the woman as Taiga sat by her side, smiling at her and holding her hand - mostly so she wouldn't bolt.

Wataru-san was holding her other hand, staring at her and his mother, as if unsure of how to deal with this whole thing. She hadn't meant for him to know, really - it was just that he'd been exiting the dorms when Taiga had been bringing her in, and had been hauled along for the ride.

She was sure that they'd all need to have a Talk when they got out of having, well, a talk. In the meantime, she was stuck.

* * *

"So... Mio-san is pregnant?" Wataru-san said with an incredulous look as the three of them sat in Mio's living room.

"But I don't know who the father is...."

If it was Taiga, it would crush Wataru-san's heart completely, she knew. Of course, it wasn't something that she or Taiga had chosen to do; she was pregnant and she hadn't had sex.

"Mio didn't have sex," Taiga explained to his little brother. "She's one of a couple of women that are pregnant this way - I'm just happy she's pregnant by one of us."

Sagarc trilled in happy agreement. Wataru-san looked like he might pass out.

"We'll know who the father is, soon enough. I'm sure, either way, you'll help Mio through her pregnancy." Taiga's tone was a cheerful matter-of-fact one, but Wataru-san didn't appear to take umbrage.

"Of course I will," Wataru-san said, straightening up. If he was a little pale, he sat up with purpose. "I'll help Mio-san however she needs me too."

"We should tell Ryoutarou-san," she said. "He should know." It seemed unfair to keep that from him, even as it meant that Airi-san would try to fuss over her too.



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