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RP stuff. Probably not very interesting unless you like seeing me fret.

So, CFUD. Crazy, loveable CFUD that has given me so many fun people to hang around. Problem is, I can't seem to carry threads to what people consider their conclusion to save my life. I need to pick up my last post and do replies, which I'll do this evening. Thing is, I think I was supposed to reply yesterday to them, but I put it off. I turned off CFUD for a day.

And the funny thing is, as much as I love playing with my wonderful, crazy castmates, I kind of was glad I took two days off. Not that I got a whole lot done - my last week's homework barely got done and I did far less with NaNo than I was hoping. It's like I've lost all motivation to play, apart from thread catching up.

Part of this is that I put in a post that was designed to appeal to a lot of people (coffee dropping from the sky) and I didn't break 100 replies. Now, I'm not done with it, I still have a lot to do. But still, when you put up a general post, you want people to reply. You want people to have fun. You don't want to have people avoid you because they don't think you'll pick up theads. There's a grain of truth to the whole crit of me being threaddroppy - I do a lot of my posting/replies by phone, and while my G1 handles large posts better than my Sidekick did, it's still loading at roughly 2x dialup. So I forget. Plus, there are points where I think a thread is done and others don't. To me, it's a bit frustrating, because half the time, it feels like there are people who leave me with a reply in, and I do try earnestly to reply. I've taken some suggestions from Mio's flist, which are working out, but still.

In terms of replies per day, Mio runs about 14/day, Ramon 4/day, and Kotoha 2/day. I have several possibilities on what to do with CFUD:

A) Drop Kotoha. She's my least used and her only canonmate is Tsukasa. I like her, but I do far better when I have canonmates.
B) Drop Ramon. I love the boy, but he interacts mostly with Ryuuta.In fact, he's pretty much a human-looking Ryuuta. I enjoy doing his bouncy posts (boy, does he like annoying people) and his angsty posts (see the amazing Ramonsicle!), but I'm not feeling him with his canonmates. He should be interacting with Wataru and Otoya, and he isn't.
C) Drop Kotoha and Ramon. This would leave me with MIo, who is my favorite. Literally, she's the one character I would not drop unless I was leaving the game. This might help me remember to finish threads, it might not. It may be that the damage is already done.
D) Drop Kotoha, Ramon, and Mio. This would be, as mentioned above, leaving the game. I make activity with at least 2/3 of my characters on any given month, but I don't want people groaning when they see my posts/threads. The primary failure of this last post, where I was hoping to prove I wasn't threaddroppy (and I'm not yet, because I'm not finished), made me wonder if I really was meant for CFUD. I mean, Mio has the most connections of any of my characters. I love playing her. But I don't want to be where people don't want to thread with me.
E) Keep everyone. I do enjoy them, but... in reality I'm leaning towards one of the other options.

As a sidenote on Mio, I'm worried about the reaction I'm getting in my head from her after Maya aged up. Mio is enough of a not-nice person that she might well bully Maya. In one scene in canon, she's rather sharp at Maya because she's determined to off Taiga and marry Wataru. In another, cut scene, Taiga tells her not to romance a human (Wataru) and she's all "I know the consequences, thanks." Yes, she actually has a backbone. And with Maya stripped of her powers, it would be all too easy for Mio to show her nasty side. Mio is a killer; she's killed at least one Fangire doing her job, she tried to kill Taiga, too. And she's tired of being afraid of Maya just as she's afraid of Maya and knows that she will never get to marry Wataru because there's no way she can convince Wataru's parents to let her wed him. Heck, I occasionally have to wrest her off of "suicidal". I predict some not-fun times coming up for her.

Sometimes I watch Kamendressing. I no longer participate (even when we do get someone from Nozomi's canon) because I have a feeling I drove people off from there, too. I *enjoy* my alt-Watarus (Song, Innocent, Rook, Questing, and Trapped), but I know they're a bit weird, and I don't want to scare people off. Of course, now that I'm gone, the comm's pretty darn dead. But I'm staying away because I don't want to be percieved as the crazy girl that does OCs.

I know part of all this negativity is personal issues/work issues, part of it was a crit I got on Mio (who is my most active, mind you), and some of it is a post by someone else on their RP issues that got me thinking. So, I don't know where I'll go yet. But I'm not sure that I will be in CFUD this time next year unless I get some things straight.

Date: 2009-11-16 08:40 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] pussyfortono
Okay, since I kind of know your schedule with work & school, I'll say this: I think it's a good idea to drop either Ramon or Kotoha. You don't have enough time to be playing all three at once or even singularly. Keep Mio & focus on her as much as you can. Get her out & make new CRs; that'll stop people from thinking you're threaddroppy. Co-posting is also an option, as well. I mean, I know you use your phone to rp, but when you use it try to focus on one thread at a time; don't try to get them all at once or one after another, concentrate on CRs because CRs are important to rping & make the whole thing even more fun.

& stop thinking negatively about the whole thing; it's just an obstacle you have to get over & your castmates are willing to help you on this, too. Don't be afraid to ask us for help & don't be afraid to ask us to jump threads you're in, either. We're all willing to help you on this.

As for kamendressing, that place is already dead. I used to play in there a lot but then I got bored with it.

Date: 2009-11-16 10:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kingisking.livejournal.com
I feel like I did the driving off. You do weird AUs sometimes, but at least you don't go around and beat up everyone.

I do think trimming down the character list will help. I may complain about how I can't sustain more than one character at once, but it does help me keep on track and be less panicky about everything. Of course, I've had panicky moments with one character at games in the past, of course, but there were several other issues going on too.



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